Sneaky Proof

Sneaky Proof


Sneaky Proof Protective Spray is a premium nano protective spray that works against rain, stains and water for hats, shoes, accessories and clothing. The highly durable structure is invisible, airy, fast effective and incorporates super nano technology.

Among other things, Sneaky Proof Protective Spray is water based, environmentally friendly and not dangerous – this product is not based on aerosols.

The structure included in the product provides long-lasting protection and is suitable for all types of materials such as suede, nubuck, leather, synthetic materials and canvas. If you are thinking about how this product works compared to other products on the market, we can assure you that it works just as well if not better.

Made in England.
Content: 275 ml


Sneaky Proof is a product in a dispenser with a water-repellent effect. It is specially designed to provide a highly breathable waterproof surface for all types of shoes, hats, accessories and clothing. Works on all kinds of materials including suede, nubuck leather, leather, canvas and synthetic leather.


  1. Spray the solution directly onto your object until it becomes wet. Make sure the articles to be treated are clean and have no dirt or dust on the surface, as this may reduce efficiency,
  2. Use a clean cloth to remove excess moisture.
  3. Allow the object to dry before use

Attention: Always test the product on an unobtrusive surface before use, as some substances may not always be color-coded. The performance of this product varies depending on the material. Keep out of reach of children. Use only as directed. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

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