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Sneaky Midsole Pen

Sneaky Midsole Pen is an acrylic based permanent paint marker. It is a flexible and waterproof paint that is used to repaint your cracked and stained midsole. Simply apply it in layers and your sneakers willbe restored back to their original glory.


  • 2x acrylic paint pens in matt black and white. Each with a 6.5mm dual tip “bullet and chisel”
  • Step 1 – For best results apply on clean and dry midsole area.

  • Step 2 – Shake pen well before use.

  • Step 3 – Press down on the tip repeatedly to activate paint flow.

  • Step 4 – Apply paint to midsolein an even coat. The tip can be pulled out and switched from bullet to chisel for hard to reach areas.

  • Step 5 – Allow to dry completely then apply further coats until you achieve your required coverage.

  • Step 6 – Allow to dry for 24 hours before use…enjoy!

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