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Sneaky Eraser

Sneakers for suede and nubuck cleans suede, nubuck and rubber soles and toe shoes. Always use dry shoes to ensure full effectiveness.

  • Step 1 – use the brush to remove any dry dirt from the surface of the shoe.

  • Step 2 – gently use the edge of the eraser in all directions to work out any stains of marks.

  • Step 3 – use the brush to remove any excess debris and to restore the suede or unbuckle.

  • Step 4 – repeat the process for tougher stains or marks.

Instructions for soles and sides on soles:

  • Step 5 – Use a remover to clean stains and dirt from your rubber soles, toe shoes, or the rubbery upper of the shoe.

  • Step 6 – Use a brush or damp cloth to remove residual dirt.

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